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My Thoughts and Prayers are with France

France is our oldest ally. American and French soldiers have died in wars for nearly 250 years and are dying side by side right now fighting ISIS and Muslin extremism around the globe. This attack on Paris was an attack on the Western world. It was attack on Democracy, Capitalism and the freedom to watch sports, eat dinner or go to an American rock concert. It was an attack on America. Terrorism is about fear, that is the definition. Do you not think people walking around American cities weren’t more fearful last night, doing those same activities these innocent men and women died doing. My thoughts and prayers are for all of those effected by this act of terror not only in France, but around the globe.



Memorial Day

I discovered this song after hearing the Zac Brown Band cover on a Mumford and Sons/Lumineers/Of Monsters and Men mix. Very odd coincidence to hear it for the first time today.

God bless all of the men and women that have been lost defending this country and protecting our freedom. We must also remember the sacrifice the families of these servicemen and women have made.

We are so lucky to be in a country where our big concerns are a hockey team getting shutout or the inflation levels of footballs.


All Night Appetite (SEN 1116)



Still in Brazil caddying for LPGA’s Jimin Kang, today I discuss the highlights of the Brazil Cup.  And, a very big disappointment for young driver JR Hildebrand who slammed into the wall on the last turn of the last lap at the Indy 500 while in 1st place.  Plus, I discuss how Dirk Nowitzki will compare with Dwayne Wade and Lebron James in this year’s NBA Playoff Finals.  Listen to today’s show for more on Jimin Kang and the Brazil Cup, highlights of the Indy 500, trade rumors surrounding Russell Westbrook, and all things NBA Finals!



All Night Appetite w/ Cameron (SEN 1116)



This Tuesday morning I shed light on the US Hockey team’s disappointing Silver against Canada, and how the force that is Shaun White helped bring in the USA’s second most total medals since 1932.  Back home in the NBA Shaq’s out with a thumb injury, but the Cavs roll on!  I take some time to discuss the status of Dwayne Wade, Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh, the upcoming NFL free agency period, Jordan’s acquisition of the Charlotte Bobcats, and, of course, Brett Favre!



All Night Appetite w/ Andrew (SEN 1116)

Live from Los Angeles, California. I am here for the Breeders’ Cup and was at Santa Anita to witness the incredible performance by Zenyatta as she won the Classic and remained undefeated. Andrew played a clip of my interview with one of the participants of the American Royal Barbecue Competition. Check out the full video in the photos and video section of the website. The NBA season is underway as Lebron James and the Cavs took on the Knicks in New York. Allen Iverson has left the Memphis Grizzlies for personal reasons and his return is in doubt. An update on some injuries and illnesses and Andrew Bogut’s strong play so far for the Milwaukee Bucks. The NFL action is in full swing with big games later being the New York Giants hosting the San Diego Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the Dallas Cowboys tonight.



Picks for Oct. 24th

Not a great slate of college football games, I will put out 2 with the 2 standard Saturday picks.

Miami Hurricanes (H) vs Clemson Tigers (Miami by 4, opened 7)
This line shocked me, Miami ranked 10th at home versus unranked Clemson and the line is only 4 and moved in. The public is on Miami and I will go against them and with the line and take Clemson +4.

Michigan State Spartans (H) vs Iowa Hawkeyes (Michigan St. by 2, opened Iowa by 1)
Iowa is undefeated and ranked 6th, yet underdogs today in East Lansing. I am on Michigan State -2, but Iowa has been doubted before. I can’t resist taking an unranked favored over 6th in the country.

Alabama Crimson Tide (H) vs Tennessee Volunteers (Total 42.5, opened 44.5)
It’s being played at 3:30 it’s on CBS take Under 42.5.

NHL Grand Salami (total goals of all games) 88 goals
I am going to give the Over in the Grand Salami (88) one more shot, it has not been working, but with all 30 teams in action tonight I like its chances.

Clemson +4 (4 out of 5)
Michigan State -2 (3 out of 5)
Under Alabama/Tenn. 42.5 (3 out of 5)
Over Grand Salami 88 (2 out of 5)

UFC 104
I have stated before I am not a fan, but the action is intriguing. The one line move is Joe Stevenson vs Spencer Fisher, line opened (-340/+280 and is now -240/+200). That could be your upset in a “sport?” that sees a lot of chalk.


Question from Goon in New York

In Blackjack would you split 4’s when the dealer has a 4 showing? I dont know if you have ever played blackjack before, but I figured I would give it a shot.
Goon Plainview, NY, USA

I have played blackjack a couple of times, so I will take a stab. Most of the strategy cards have you hit, but I am an aggressive player, so I would double down. I don’t count, but I usually have a feel on if there are a lot of 10s still in the shoe. If I feel there are few 10s left then maybe I would just hit, but I like to get as many chips on the table as possible against 4s, 5s, and 6s. Good luck Goon!


Question from Shannon in New Jersey

Why no MMA coverage? Why no wrestling coverage?
Middletown, New Jersey USA



Questions from Cossy the Aussie

Whats the crack with Brett Favre do you think the old mans wife just doesnt like him at home? How would you feel if your a Minnesota Viking fan?

Horse Racing

I can see with the pace set up today at Saratoga that one of the greatest fillies could get beaten and Rachel Alexandra is at 1/2 in the papers. What are your thoughts on the race today? She will be even money today I think.

And finally Chief, I would like to get your thoughts on something that has bothered me since grade 5, if I am standing up do I have a lap?

Khancoban, New South Wales, Australia